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Donít support charities that fund vivisection

Posted: 2 July 2012. Updated: 16 March 2013


When confronted with a charity collector in the street or on your doorstep, itís difficult to know what is meant, exactly, by claims that your donation will go to vital medical research. Little is said about the ethics and checks on that research, especially how it is conducted.

For example, Alzheimerís Research UK spends around 30% (£1.35 million) of their research budget on animal research. A study funded by the British Heart Foundation involved invasive surgery on rats and mice and used zebra fish embryos to study the effect of a human gene on blood vessel formation. And did anyone contributing to Diabetes UK imagine that they might be contributing to an experiment in which rabbit penile tissue was used to study the mechanisms of erectile dysfunction in humans?

The NAVS Good Charities Guide tells you whether individual charities fund experiments on animals. The charities are rated according to their animals use: the ĎGoodí, the ĎBadí and those who will not disclose their policy. The NAVS advises that if a charity is not prepared to say whether they will or will not experiment on animals, they donít deserve your money. Support the LDF instead!

The good news is that the good guys outnumber the bad by 75 to 50 (with 18 ĎUndeterminedí). If you know a charity that you would like us to approach on your behalf, do let us know. A pocket sized copy of the guide is available (just call 020 7630 3340) or you can view it online.

  • Donate now to The Lord Dowding Fund and help to fund vital non-animal medical research.
  • Click here to download the NAVS Good Charities Guide as a .pdf.
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