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Jorja Fox takes on the elephant abusers

Posted: 9 July 2012. Updated: 16 March 2013


ADI Ambassador Jorja Fox (CSIís Sarah Sidle) has released a new video for ADI, calling for an end to circus animal abuse.

ďThis is a bullhook. Itís heavy, itís sharp, and it hurts. This is the weapon of choice for elephant circus performers. It is used to get elephants to perform tricks to amuse people.Ē

The 90-second video tells the story of Krissy, an elephant torn from the wild in Africa who ended up in an American circus. Here an ADI undercover investigator filmed Krissy being dragged to her knees with a bullhook before being kicked in the face by her Texas-based handler, Mike Swain, who continues to work with elephants, including Krissy. Krissy and her companion Queenie/Boo were also hit with a golf club and electric shocked with a stun gun, to make them move quickly to performances. The brutal scenes are juxtaposed with breathtaking images of a family of wild elephants living free in Zambia.

Krissy is currently giving rides at fairs and other events.

Watch our video about Krissy here and please pass it on to a friend to watch.

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