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ADI case in the European Court of Human Rights

Posted: 10 July 2012. Updated: 16 March 2013


In March we presented our case to the Grand Chamber of the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in an attempt to overturn a law preventing ADI and NAVS advertising on television in the UK. “At present the law effectively bans the broadcast of any advert on a matter of controversy, by anyone seeking to do something about that issue. So whilst primates and other animals can be used to sell products, it is not permitted to create awareness about the impacts on those animals. Our commercial advertised a pack which outlined the threats to primates. It was banned not because of content or accuracy, but because of who we are. Our case revolves around the freedom of a company or organisation to enter into a national debate on television or radio – and the right to freedom of speech.”

The iniquity of the situation was highlighted by the fact that at the same time soft drinks giant Pepsi was using a performing chimpanzee in a TV commercial, whereas ADI’s TV advert creating awareness about the suffering of performing chimpanzees was banned. The case was heard by seven judges and the ruling is awaited.

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