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Lymphoma Research Trust

Posted: 20 September 2012. Updated: 3 June 2013

Rating: Bad

Tel: 020 7380 9931
Questionnaire response received: No

Remit: Not know
Organisational Area: Not know

Policy / Record on research: Not know
Is this a permanent policy? Not know
Membership of AMRC? No
Record on animal-based research: Not know

Annual income: Not know
Annual expenditure on research: Not know
Amount spent on animal research and % of research income: Not know

Research Area: Not know
Species used: Not know
Is there a non-animal research option for donation? Not know

Other information: In a letter to a NAVS supporter dated 17th May 2012, Lymphoma Research Trust stated "In answer to your question about whether any research that we fund involves animals, I must say that it does. A grant was been [sic] made to a researcher working on hypotheses concerning how various lymphomas develop, and for this mice were used in studies".

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