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Bob Barker receives the Lord Houghton Award for lifetime service to animals

Posted: 7 March 2013. Updated: 7 March 2013


The highlight of our Lion Ark Night was the presentation by ADI President Jan Creamer of the Lord Houghton Award to legendary philanthropist and campaigner Bob Barker.

The award is in recognition of Mr. Barker’s lifetime achievements for animals, his generosity, but most importantly his campaigning leadership – from ending every episode of the ‘The Price is Right” with a plea for owners to neuter their pets, to presenting evidence to Congress, Bob Barker is an articulate voice for animals in America.

Less known is that the impact of his philanthropy has stretched across the globe, saving millions of animals worldwide. Mr. Barker enabled ADI’s Operation Lion Ark to empty a whole country of its suffering circus animals and build those animals homes in the U.S. He has been a steadfast and vital supporter of our campaigns and investigations. When Sea Shepherd goes head-to-head with whalers in the oceans, it is in a ship named the Bob Barker. When elephants head out into their enclosures at the PAWS ARK2000 Sanctuary, it is thanks to Bob Barker. And it is thanks to his endowment that students at the nation’s top law schools study animal rights law and protection issues.

This award is a significant acknowledgment of Mr Barker’s tireless campaigning for animals, which for thirty years has seen him publicizing the plight of animals and planting the seeds for the future of the movement.

Jan Creamer, “Bob Barker’s philanthropic contributions to animal protection have been vital to the success of Animal Defenders International and others like us. But, importantly, this award recognizes Mr. Barker as a leading and articulate voice for suffering animals in the world.

“Last year, I sat alongside him at Congress as ADI launched HR 3359, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, to end the use of wild animals in circuses. Members of Congress, their staff and hardened political correspondents were enthralled as Mr. Barker spoke with reason and passion.

From calling for pets to be neutered at the end of the Price is Right, to backing measures to protect them, animals could not have a finer voice.”

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