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Appeal Winter 2013-2014

Posted: 18 December 2013. Updated: 7 January 2014


I have pleasure in sharing our latest Animal Defender magazine, full of news about our campaigns and animal rescues.

Early in the year we launched the No Fun for Elephants video narrated by the legendary Bob Barker, aimed at the hundreds of county fairs, town parades and other event organizers who book elephant rides for their events. The video shows the behind-the-scenes violence and asks organizers not to provide elephant rides at their event. We’ve distributed the video nationwide and have had some successes already, where boards have resolved not to book elephant rides again.

The movie Lion Ark, was launched in October; this is the story of the undercover investigations, the campaign and the ban on animal circuses in Bolivia. This action adventure style documentary is aimed at engaging new audiences, and is proving to be an important educational tool, with great audience responses at screenings; Tim Phillips and I hold a Q&A session after each screening and talk about animal circuses and how people can help.

Our teams in Latin America continue to end the suffering of animals in circuses with national measures recently passed in Colombia and El Salvador, bringing our list of national prohibitions to 25 countries.

In the US, we have launched more local animal circus campaigns with local campaign partners to alert the public to the behind-the-scenes suffering and we plan a series of screenings of Lion Ark in each state.

Peru banned wild animals in circuses and they are now ready for enforcement operations to seize the wild animals which are now illegal.

We expect Peru to be a huge challenge, as Peru is larger than Texas & California put together, but very remote, a small population with poor infrastructure and communications.

However, the animals in the circuses in Peru are in crisis and they will die in misery if we do not help.

In January, I will be meeting with our Latin American team and Peru’s wildlife department to put together the plans for the seizures, for making a temporary holding center for the animals, and for their relocation to new homes.

Please help me get the wild animals out of the circuses in Peru, who are suffering in wretched, heart-breaking conditions, right now.

I would be so very grateful if you would donate anything that you can today, to help me get this mission done – I know from the census conducted by my field officers out there that already, they have found 17 lions, including cubs, and many primates. And that is just the start.

The kinds of costs involved are, for example:

  • Special travel crates – will cost about $1500 per animal
  • Truck rentals (for collecting animals) – about $700- $1000 per trip (most journeys expected be 10-14 hours or more).
  • Aircraft hire (for remote regions – $2000 per flight)
  • Then there are the huge costs of hospital housing for the animals in Peru while we prepare them to travel and the relocation of the lions to the US
  • We must also build the permanent enclosures and facilities for the animals in the US sanctuaries.

Our fundraising target – in order to completely empty another country of circus animals – is $1million.

Can you help today, with a donation?

Can you organize a fundraising event for the Peru animals? A bake sale, or event at your home with friends and neighbors to raise money for the Peru animals?

If you make a gift today, you really will be giving the gift of life to animals who have never known human compassion, or any sense of joy in their lives.

This is a chance in a lifetime to eradicate this suffering in another country. Please help us do it.

Thank you for caring

Jan Creamer, President
Animal Defenders International

(pictured at top: Colo Colo, safe now after Bolivia rescue)

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