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Animal Defenders International

Victory in baby elephant battle

Posted: 18 December 2013. Updated: 7 January 2014


Following our intense media and public campaign, Oregon Zoo confirmed that baby elephant Lily would not be handed over to disgraced performing animal suppliers Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT).

Born at the Oregon Zoo, Lily was the property of HTWT under the terms of the breeding contract. In what escalated into a custody battle in the national media, ADI released our undercover video of HTWT owners and trainers beating and electric shocking elephants. ADI President Jan Creamer made an impassioned plea on national television on the Jane Velez Mitchell show (pictured). Bob Barker weighed in with hundreds of ADI supporters contacting the zoo urging them to tear up the contract.

The hard work paid off. Oregon Zoo announced they had purchased Lily and her father Tusko from HTWT confirming that the calf, her father and future offspring would never end up at HTWT.

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