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Bob Barker heads up No Fun For Elephants campaign

Posted: 18 December 2013. Updated: 7 January 2014


Central to ADIís nationwide campaign to end the use of elephants for rides at county fairs and parades is the cruelty at Have Trunk Will Travel and Trunks & Humps. In March we launched a new video No Fun for Elephants narrated by Emmy award-winning TV host Bob Barker.

Bob Barker: "To many, it looks like harmless fun, but elephants pay a heavy price for the few minutes of entertainment they provide when performing in circus shows, giving rides, or making appearances at parades, weddings or other events. Most of us marvel at the majesty of wild animals and I can understand why people want to see animals like elephants up close. But isnít it especially tragic when animals are suffering and being abused simply to entertain us?”

The ADI undercover footage shows elephants with Have Trunk Will Travel of Perris, CA and Trunks & Humps of Conroe, TX, being beaten and electric shocked. The same trainers are shown controlling elephants giving rides and performing at parades. We also highlight the public safety dangers.

No Fun For Elephants has been mailed to event organizers across the US, urging them to adopt a humane Ďno elephant rides or performancesí policy. ADI has also been hitting the road, presenting evidence to event organizers and our volunteers distributing ADI flyers at events.

Join ADIís No Fun For Elephants campaign by emailing us at or calling our Los Angeles office on 323-935-2234. Take action now, for next yearís events!

Please make a donation to the campaign today. Thank you!


The list of fair organizers that agree it is No Fun for Elephants keeps growing and includes: Bristol Renaissance Faire, Grays Harbor County Fair, Jaycees Gregg County Fair, Lake Renaissance Festival, Upland Lemon Festival, Los Angeles County Fair, Orange County Fair, Fountain Valley Easter event, Santa Ana Zoo and the Sierre Madre Independence Day parade.


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