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Iran and Russia send animals into Space

Posted: 18 December 2013. Updated: 7 January 2014


In January, the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) reportedly sent a monkey into space. Press reports stated that the monkey – shown heavily restrained and clearly traumatized – “returned safely.” An ISA executive said the primate program would “aid our agency in launching a man into space.” In September, Iran dropped plans to launch a second primate, saying it would use a Persian cat instead.

In April, a Russian space mission launched with 45 mice, 8 gerbils, 15 geckos, cichlid fish and snails on board. During the month-long mission, the health of the animals was monitored from the ground. The craft later returned to Earth but, although the animals were expected to return alive, 39 of the mice, all of the gerbils and cichlid fish died during the mission.

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