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News briefs Spring 2014

Posted: 25 February 2014. Updated: 7 May 2014

Petition hits target! Over 1.3 million EU citizens signed the STOP VIVISECTION petition, supported by the NAVS, calling for a phase out of animal experiments across Europe. The European Commission is “compelled” to analyse the request, and required to organise a public hearing and release a statement.

ADI was invited to the Bolivian Embassy in October to brief officials and parliamentarians on our animal protection work and the Bolivian rescue. We met with Congresswoman Erica Claure and Congressman Hector Arce, Chairman of the Commission of Constitution, Legislation and Electoral Systems.

ADI voiced objections to plans by the University of Colorado to expand existing animal research facilities, by building a 1 million-square-foot life sciences complex, expected to cost $300-500 million.

In December MPs debated the future of the badger cull following failed trials in Gloucestershire and Somerset where the target number of animals were not killed. Information collected during the pilot culls will now be considered.

Bullfighting has been given protected cultural heritage status in Spain. A sad outcome, which followed an intense campaign supported by ADI and a decline in public support – in a decade the number of events has fallen from 2047 to 903.

An auction of vintage furs and skins went ahead in Shrewsbury despite calls from ADI to remove them. The sale of such items play a role in driving demand for fur products.

ADI ‘foxes’ joined the National Anti-Fur Demo in London in November. Protests were staged outside stores that sell fur despite fur farming being banned in the UK. ADI’s LA office backed a 100 strong protest on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills marking Fur Free Friday.

A candlelit procession – featuring our handsome, inflatable lion – was held in Bogota in December to urge the Constitutional Court of Colombia to defend the wild animal circus ban AND the bullfighting ban.

ADI and other animal protection groups opposed the capture of 23 wild animal species in Namibia for export to Cuba last year. Sadly the round-up of 147 animals went ahead, the animals are now at the National Zoological Park in Havana.

In October, ADI attended the International March for Elephants in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco to highlight the cruelty and devastation of the illegal trade in ivory.

ADI participated in discussions on animal welfare policy in Boyaca, Colombia, organised by local groups with the support of the council and the Mayor.

The City Manager of Lake Elsinore in California denied a permit request from “The Great Bull Run” which hosts events across the US emulating Spain’s infamous Running of the Bulls.

The IUCN African Elephant Summit, in December, saw 30 governments agreeing to take urgent action to stop poaching and ivory trafficking. One horrific statistic from the conference was that in 2012 approximately 22,000 elephants were killed illegally across Africa.

After a three year hiatus, and despite protests, bullfights have sadly returned to the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias.

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