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Political Animals 2015

Posted: 25 September 2015. Updated: 25 September 2015


Our latest issue of ‘Political Animals’, an overview of the key animal protection issues of the moment and some of the challenges animals in captivity and the wild are facing.

The baffling delay on the wild animal circus ban

Inaction by the government to implement legislation promised over 3 years ago continues to be a source of public disappointment and dismay. Delays in passing the ban have seen the return of a big cat act to Britain whilst other countries including The Netherlands and Mexico have introduced their own legislation to prohibit such acts. Read more

Opposition to the trophy hunting of animals in Africa, following the death of Cecil the lion

The public response both across the UK and around the world to the killing of Cecil the lion showed the overwhelming desire and pressing need to protect lions, elephants and other endangered wild populations from the hunters. Read more

The need to keep the Hunting Act

The use of hunting with hounds to “manage” wildlife is considered both inefficient and inhumane and the huge public reaction to the recent proposals to weaken what is the most successful legislation of its kind, demonstrates huge support to keep the hunting ban intact. Read more

The failing badger cull

As the science shows, killing our wildlife is not the way to control TB in cattle – more frequent testing, stringent disease controls and vaccination has been shown to be the way forward. Just last month, an analysis of government TB statistics concluded: “more frequent testing is leading to lower TB infections in cattle both in terms of TB prevalence as well as TB incidence.” Read more

The keeping of primates as pets

Poorly protected by legislation, many primates kept as pets endure compromised welfare and poor environments. Defra has acknowledged that these intelligent, sociable animals should not live in our homes. Action is needed on this issue. Read more

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