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Bans spreading across the US

Posted: 27 October 2015. Updated: 12 November 2015

From Missoula Montana to San Francisco, California, cities are passing wild animal performance prohibitions.

In the US, at least 61 cities/counties have taken action to restrict wild animals from traveling circuses. Around the world, hundreds of local ordinances are in place (over 200 in the UK alone), with over 30 national bans.

ADI is working with advocates across the US for local and state measures to end the use of animals in circuses, and we need your help!

San Francisco: Main sponsor Supervisor Katy Tang sees this as building momentum for a state wide or national ban and ADI is providing support.

Missoula: Councilmember sponsor Bryan Von Lossberg, said the effort was initiated by local advocates and noted that “times have changed.” ADI submitted evidence and provided draft language for the ordinance.

Plymouth: Local advocate Kati Carloni teamed up with ADI to successfully petition Plymouth Town Representatives to enact a bylaw prohibiting wild animals in circuses, carnivals or other public entertainment. Carloni then jumped into action when the Plymouth Kiwanis Club—which had historically brought the Cole Bros. Circus— attempted, but failed, to overturn the ban.

Eureka Springs: Eureka Springs Arkansas City Council has approved Ordinance 2224 which will prevent circuses traveling with wild animals from coming to town. ADI worked closely with local resident Rachel Brix who presented findings from our investigations.

Asheville: We strategized early on with supporters of Asheville Voice for Animals to draft a ban and steered their efforts toward a full ban on all wild animals. After much hard work up against strong circus opposition the City Council voted unanimously for the ban.

Wood River Valley, Central Idaho: Middle students from Sage School are making history. The culmination of their research for their study, “The Elephant Student Project” led by Local ADI supporter and facilitator, Maya Burrell, has been to turn information into action. Students Harrison Blamires, Devon Brown, Kayla Chaffey, Gabe Delgado, Evathea Drougas, Will Griffith, Sam Laski, Willa Laski, and Warren Loving presented their findings about the suffering of circus animals to city councils in Sun Valley, Hailey, Ketchum, Bellevue and the commissioners in Blaine County.

Ketchum City and Blaine County have both passed ordinances banning wild animals using the language of the proposed federal ban (TEAPA), while Sun Valley enthusiastically passed a nonbinding resolution (they don’t have a circus that comes to town). Councilmembers in Bellevue are considering a similar ordinance.

In Hailey the students are working to convince the council to sever ties with the notorious Jordan World Circus (exposed by an ADI undercover investigation). ADI Campaigns Director, Matt Rossell, presented evidence of Jordan World Circus losing control of the elephants. The campaign continues.

Be a part of ADI’s circus campaigns network! Contact our outreach team at 323-935-2234 or, urge them to support TEAPA’s reintroduction.

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