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EXPOSED! Monkey training secrets

Posted: 27 October 2015. Updated: 28 October 2015

Monkeys being dressed as humans and being made to walk on their hind legs is an act that has been repeated the world over, but ADI undercover footage revealed the ugly truth about what it takes to make these poor monkeys walk upright.

A small macaque monkey has his hands tied behind his back; he is seen running away on his hind legs, screaming, and repeatedly falls on his face, to guffaws of laughter from the trainers. When he tries to hide he is cruelly dragged from his hiding place, to more laughter. These were the scenes caught on camera by an ADI undercover investigator behind the scenes at South Korea’s Monkey School. ADI is working with Korean Animal Rights Alliance to end the suffering. The screening of Lion Ark by Korea’s national broadcasting company will add to the pressure on such schools.

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