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Animal experiments campaign round-up

Posted: 12 November 2015. Updated: 13 November 2015

The EU cosmetics testing ban faces challenge from the European Federation for Cosmetics Ingredients (EFCI), claiming it is unclear whether it is a criminal offence to market a product for which mandatory animal testing is required outside the EU. Having brought a Judicial Review
against the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the matter has been referred by the High Court to the European Court of Justice.

World Day for Laboratory Animals (April 24): The NAVS exposed monkey experiments at UK universities, with long-lasting suffering caused by ‘severe’ tests at King’s College London and the University of Oxford.

Florida monkey farm Primates Products is feeling the heat, with a review of their federal contracts demanded over their multiple US Department of Agriculture violations, the National Institutes of Health suspending all new contracts (but continuing ongoing work) and state authorities reportedly investigating alleged veterinary practice violations.

Fall in animal experiments in Ireland from 277,559 in 2013 to 224,249 in 2014. The reports however failed to identify the total number of animals actually used each year.

Cambridge AstraZeneca animal lab gets City Council approval despite thousands of objections from the NAVS, residents, and campaigners. The company currently experiments on over a quarter of a million animals each year.

The Stop Vivisection Initiative, supported by 230+ groups including the NAVS, secured a million signatures forcing a hearing in the European Parliament. Over 11 million animals are used in EU experiments each year. The Commission shared the long-term aim to end animal research but claimed it remains necessary, and proposed action to monitor implementation of the Directive and promote alternatives.

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