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Stop Circus Suffering Global Round-Up

Posted: 12 November 2015. Updated: 13 November 2015

Stop Circus Suffering Global Round-Up
Mexico: in a huge breakthrough in the campaign, Mexico has banned wild animals in circuses. ADI campaigned for the ban and has been invited to assist with the implementation of the new law.

Circuses face fines of 50 to 50,000 times the minimum wage – the equivalent of nearly $230,000.

Malta: has banned ALL animal circuses. ADI submitted evidence to the public consultation in which 94% backed a ban.

The Netherlands: has passed a ban on wild animal acts & as a result of efforts by Wilde Dieren de Tent Uit, supported by ADI evidence, sea lions were not excluded as had been proposed.

Bulgaria: passed a ban on circus acts involving primates, big cats and camels; ADI has urged the government to extend the legislation to all animals.

Estonia: proposals to ban wild animal acts have been announced and are due to be progressed this autumn.

Germany: an elephant escaped from Circus Luna/Francordia, fatally injuring a 65-year-old man. “Baby” had previously injured 4 people, 3 seriously, and has been relocated to a safari park.

Ireland: With campaign partner ARAN, ADI continues to call on the Arts Council of Ireland to cease funding animal circuses specifically Duffy’s, now the sole recipient of an annual grant.

Spain: Catalonia banned wild animal acts in a 105-19 vote. Our campaign partner AnimaNaturalis lobbied for the prohibition, supported by ADI research.

Sweden: 7 out of 10 people backed a wild animal ban in an opinion poll.

Switzerland: breaking a near century old tradition, Circus Knie say they will no longer feature elephants

China: a lioness spotted near a busy petrol station after escaping from a circus, was shot more than 20 times.

Iran: ADI is supporting the Animal Rights Watch ‘No To Circus’ campaign; wild animal bans now secured in 21 of the country’s 31 states – two-thirds of the country! A joint petition calling for a national ban has been launched.

Ask your MP to sign EDM 192
Email the Prime Minister calling for him to pass the ban as soon as possible

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