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Animal Defender UK Magazine Autumn/Winter 2015

Posted: 13 November 2015. Updated: 13 November 2015


Welcome to the Animal Defender Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2015. We have selected our key articles for you to read, just click on the links below.
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Cholita cannot believe her eyes, she’s HOME!

One of the most heart-breaking stories of our Spirit of Freedom rescue is Cholita, a 25-year-old spectacled bear torn from the wild as a baby and put in the circus, where she was mutilated so she could not defend herself. With the help of our supporters we made her dream come true. Read more here

Two days that transformed Mufasa’s life

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Kick Animal Testing Out of the House

The scheme to end testing of household products on animals in the UK is, in fact, little more than business as usual. Meanwhile in the US, the Humane Cosmetics Act is reintroduced. Read more here

Government intervenes to expand UK laboratory beagle supply

Plans to extend a beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire are approved, overturning the local council decision and ruling by the former Secretary of State. Read more here

Animal experiments campaign round-up

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Help take them home to Africa

ADI faces the greatest task of our Operation Spirit of Freedom mission: to take the lions from Peru to South Africa on the biggest airlift of its kind ever undertaken. Read more here

EU & UK action needed on laboratory primate trade

Having exposed two more laboratory monkey supply facilities, the NAVS calls for the principles of Written Declaration 40/2007 to become a reality. Read more here

Public baffled by UK wild animal circus ban delay

More than three years after the government committed to ending the use of wild animals in circuses, the legislation has still not been introduced. Read more here

Stop Circus Suffering Global Round-Up

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Outrage at Cecil murder could lead to permanent change

The brutal slaying in Zimbabwe of Cecil the lion provided a rare public glimpse into the horror of trophy hunting. Read more here


Extreme confinement and deprivation exposed by ADI at Dirk Arthur’s ‘Wild Magic’ show - the last exotic cat act in Las Vegas. Our investigator also goes undercover inside Jordan Circus World, filming elephants out of control.Read more here

Lion Ark: Winning awards, hearts and minds

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News in brief

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