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World Day for Laboratory Animals

Posted: 10 April 2017


Founded in 1979 by the NAVS, World Day for Laboratory Animals is registered with the United Nations and is commemorated on every continent. Please spread the word to friends, colleagues, local businesses with our NAVS leaflets. To order, email or call 020 7630 3340.

Unlock the labs

As a result of our campaigns to end secrecy surrounding vivisection, Non-Technical Summaries are now a legal requirement for animal researchers; but our examination of these has found many poor descriptions of what happens to animals, biased explanations for the “necessity” of the research, and little detail on replacement methods.

In addition, our Freedom of Information requests have revealed failures and bias in the Home Office’s authorisation of experiments, including: out of date evidence justifying animal use; incomplete dosing information and legal requirements accepted as evidence that animal experiments are safe, contrary to scientific evidence.

Vivisection in Britain in numbers

4,142,631 experiments on animals
3,405 dogs
2,234 monkeys
3,034,849 mice
265,738 rats
192 cats
12,272 rabbits

2,800,000 Genetic Modification Procedures
67% of all experiments

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