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Horror monkey experiments in UK & China

Posted: 10 April 2017. Updated: 10 April 2017


At University of Newcastle, monkeys had electrodes inserted into their brains and spine. A chemical was injected into their brains to paralyse hand movements and the spine was electrically stimulated with to see the effect on arm and hand muscles. To add to their terror and torment, the ability to reach and grasp was assessed in food restricted animals by putting pieces of fruit in front of their paralysed limbs.

At Oxford University, researchers carried out the same experiment on 25 macaque monkeys AND 25 humans to compare data. Whereas human participants voluntarily lay in an fMRI brain scanner, monkeys were fixed into a frame, positioned on their front and sent into the scanner under light anaesthesia. Aside from unnecessarily subjecting monkeys to stress which human volunteers do not endure, researchers found the brains of humans and monkeys differ in many ways.

Swiss researchers paralysed monkeys in China to avoid the “burden” of regulations in Europe or the USA. They gave monkeys paralysing spinal cord injuries and inserted brain implants to test a technology to make them walk again. Astonishingly, researchers stated that the approach used in primates “wouldn’t be practical” in human spinal cord injury. The researchers are already carrying out implantation studies in humans with spinal cord injuries.

One-way ticket to hell

Rows of empty transport crates that have been used to fly monkeys from Mauritius to their doom in European laboratories.

Air France is the only commercial airline to continue to transport monkeys for research. Please tell them you will be flying with other airlines until they pledge to stop and send us any response you receive.

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