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Posted: 10 April 2017


Progress in China

Data from a non-animal test method can now be used for testing ingredients for cosmetics. Once implemented in China, the test will stop animals being used when determining a chemicalís potential
to harm people after exposure to light. This is a great step in an international shift away from tests on animals.

Eye burning in dogs

In a US laboratory, dogs were subjected to weeks of painful chemical burns to their eyes which caused ulceration. They were then killed and corneas removed for dissection and examination of scars. This cruel experiment had already been carried out in numerous other species.

Organoid to replace animals

Organoids are 3D cell clusters that organise themselves to exhibit similar function as the tissue of an organ. They can be used to test drugs and model disease. Brain organoids model the human brain more accurately and could be used to replace animals in neurological studies.

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