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NASA’s giant leap backwards

7 March 2013

Two years after abandoning plans to use monkeys in Mars experiments following public outcry, NASA has called for research proposals for projects which may involve primates, dogs, cats and other animals....

Companies resume animal tests for China’s market

7 March 2013

Several major cosmetics companies with non-animal testing policies are no longer cruelty-free, due to expanding their sales into China, where animal testing is mandatory. Although cosmetics tests on...

ADI honored by Supreme Master Ching Hai

7 March 2013

We were very grateful and delighted in October, when the vegan and spiritual organization Supreme Master Ching Hai, awarded an honorarium to ADI to support our educational and animal rescue work. The...

Appeal Winter 2012-13

7 March 2013

Special Winter Appeal from ADI PresidentI hope you enjoy reading our new magazine, full of news about our campaigns and how we are working to change the world for animals. I hope that although the issues...

Animal Defender US Winter 2012-13

5 March 2013

Welcome to the US version of Animal Defender Magazine, Winter 2012-2013. All articles can be read online by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, click link at the bottom of this page to download...

News Briefs Winter 2012

7 January 2013

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has announced it will make 6% of its workforce redundant – nearly 100 staff – mainly at their Huntingdon laboratory in Cambridgeshire. Find out about our undercover investigation...

Appeal Winter 2012

3 January 2013

Special Winter Appeal from ADI and NAVS Chief ExecutiveIt’s always a delight to bring you our latest magazine, full of news of successful campaigns to protect animals, as well as the stories about what...

Help give a lifetime of freedom

3 January 2013

Percy was a tiny cub when he was rescued by ADI, with his sister Nancy and brother Bob – the last animals to ever appear in a Bolivian circus. For three weeks the circus eluded ADI in a remote mountainous...

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