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Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way to help suffering laboratory animals

10 April 2017

Millions of animals are burnt, blinded, scalded, crushed, frozen, irradiated, poisoned and genetically modified in British laboratories every year. All for experiments that can never be trusted. Animals...

Other News

10 April 2017

Progress in China

Data from a non-animal test method can now be used for testing ingredients for cosmetics. Once implemented in China, the test will stop animals being used when determining...

Brexit and Animals

10 April 2017

In March, with a coalition of animal groups (ADI, APA, Cats Protection, CIWF, OneKind, The Donkey Sanctuary, RSPCA, USPCA, WAP, WHW) we presented a ten point plan at the House of Lords to ensure animal...

World Day for Laboratory Animals

10 April 2017

Founded in 1979 by the NAVS, World Day for Laboratory Animals is registered with the United Nations and is commemorated on every continent. Please spread the word to friends, colleagues, local businesses...

Action on Monkey Experiments

10 April 2017

Ten years after European Parliament Declaration calls for phase-out of primate experiments, the time is right to step up the pressure. Following a blistering campaign, we secured Written Declaration...

Horror monkey experiments in UK & China

10 April 2017

At University of Newcastle, monkeys had electrodes inserted into their brains and spine. A chemical was injected into their brains to paralyse hand movements and the spine was electrically stimulated with...

Animal Defender Spring 2017

1 April 2017

Welcome to the Animal Defender Magazine, Spring 2017. We have selected our key articles for you to read - just click on the links below! Alternatively, you can view...

Animal Defender UK Magazine Autumn/Winter 2015

13 November 2015

Welcome to the Animal Defender Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2015. We have selected our key articles for you to read, just click on the links below. View and download as pdf If you would like to help us...

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