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Posted: 18 September 2009. Updated: 17 November 2014


PBS are specialists in transporting pets safely around the world and maintain the highest levels of care in accordance to IATA standards to ensure your pet is properly cared for during their journey. In 2007 PBS International assisted us in our rescue operation of Tarzan the tiger, and Sarah and Caesar the lions, moving them from a dilapidated circus in Portugal to our rescue centre in South Africa. We are pleased to report that all three animals were moved safely with the greatest of care during their epic journey.

PBS only deal with PET relocation, and the transport of animals and birds for conservation purposes, they do NOT transport livestock or animals for slaughter or laboratory animals for any purpose. Animal welfare and well being is their primary concern.

If you are relocating and need to ensure the safe travel of your closest companion, contact PBS International Freight Ltd, and when doing so, please quote our name, Animal Defenders International.

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