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Protect Korean animals in entertainment through implementation of Zoo Act

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Animal Defenders International and the undersigned international citizens respectfully urge Members of the Environmental Committee of the Korean Government to pass the Zoo Act.

The new Act will be the first of its kind in the country to set and enforce minimum welfare standards for the keeping of animals in zoos and similar establishments and will prohibit animal performances.

The ADI investigation of the Monkey School in Gamgyori – and other similar studies by ADI and others elsewhere – show how animals used for entertainment suffer both physically and psychologically.

Despite reassurances that performing animals are well cared for, abuse usually occurs behind the scenes, while the animals are being trained or kept isolated in their cages, deprived of normal, social and mental stimulation.

This was no different at the Monkey School, where ADI documented monkeys kept in squalid and barren conditions; traumatised animals exhibiting abnormal behaviour; monkeys isolated in tiny cages; animals hit during training and dragged along the floor. During shows, monkeys are made to ride on a motorbike, do handstands, jump through hoops and respond to commands.

Forcing animals to perform and allowing their suffering in the name of entertainment, is completely unacceptable in a modern, civilized society and this is acknowledged by a growing number of nations around the world. Over 20 countries have restricted animal circuses and performances, with similar bans under discussion in many more.

Please protect captive animals in Korea by passing the Zoo Act. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely

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