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Leaving a legacy for animals

Posted: 2 June 2005. Updated: 11 January 2019


Making a Will is the single most important thing we can do to look after those we care about, and the cause most dear to us.

The vital campaigns of Animal Defenders International are bringing us closer to the end of animal suffering. Legacies are a very important part of our future planning and expansion of our work.

Most people never get around to making a Will. We would rather not think about death; we either think it is tempting ‘fate’, or we ‘don’t have much’, or that our partner or spouse, or children, will automatically inherit everything. Yet, statistically (in the UK), those who have made a Will are more likely to live longer than those who havenít. And as far as your personal worth is concerned, if you follow the little exercise in our booklet, you could be pleasantly surprised! Sadly for your nearest and dearest, if you don’t make a Will, your property will be split in accordance with the law and not as you would have wished.

So it’s important for you to make your Will, for the sake of your family and friends, and others you would want to benefit. Ask for a FREE copy of our guide to making a Will.

Contact the ADI Legacy Officer, or tel. +44 (0)20 7630 3340

For more help with leaving a legacy to animals please chose from the following sections:

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