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The benefits of making a will

Posted: 27 April 2009. Updated: 11 February 2016


  • To provide for your family. Secure the future; if you have children, guardians can be appointed in the Will.
  • Provide for any pets who may survive you.
  • Make sure that your wishes are carried out; this can save anguish for your relatives and friends, and benefit special causes.
  • Making your Will, then keeping it up to date means that new family members, friends or good causes can be included as the years go by. You can alter your Will very easily, as often as you choose.
  • Benefit your friends; there are often special keepsakes that you wish to pass on to friends. They may not receive them if you do not make a Will.
  • Support your chosen cause. The future work of groups such as Animal Defenders International depends to a large extent upon the support of legacies.
  • Our international work needs support to encourage campaigns against vivisection, to encourage non-animal research projects, and campaign against other forms of animal abuse, worldwide.
  • Properly made Wills can reduce tax payments.
  • It gives you the opportunity to decide who you would like to have administer your estate (the executors); this may be family members, trusted friends, or paid professionals such as solicitors or accountants.
  • Call for our booklet on making your Will, and take it with you when you make your Will.

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