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Become an ADI Fundraiser

Posted: 19 January 2010


Our Street Team is central to our work helping animals - and there are plenty of ways you can get active and start raising funds for ADI too. Whether by taking part in a street collection or starting an ADI Event, your help can make a big difference for animals.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to get in touch so we can help you get started!

Join our Street Team

Become a Street Collector, run an Awareness Stall, or take parts in other Fundraising Events. We can help put you in touch with other members of our Street Team, provide you with information and resources on how to get started, and help you organise events.

Need some Fundraising ideas?

Don’t worry - we’ve got loads! Whether you’re a student or run a business, whether you’d like to run a marathon or run a cake stall, you’ll find something.

Become an Online Fundraiser

If youíre an online shopper, you could really help us raise much needed funds by registering with and shopping through Itís free to register, and wonít cost a penny more than the price of the item that you are buying.

You could also:

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