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Setting up an Animal Information Stall

Posted: 8 April 2010. Updated: 13 July 2012


If you would like to set up an animal information stall we can help you get organised and supply you with everything you need in order to have an informative table to get our campaign message to the wider public.

The great thing about an ADI animal information stall is that you can participate in events and locally in a timescale that suits you. Alternatively, if you would rather participate with friends or like minded people you can contact local animal groups and ask to join them.

Here follows some helpful advice on how you can set up a stall to reach large numbers of the public and spread the word on animal issues that matter to you!

Where can I set up a stall?

With permission, you can have stalls almost anywhere, but to help here are some key places:

  • Local high street
  • Local car boot events
  • Festivals / carnivals / rallies
  • Fairs such as vegan/vegetarian/animal friendly fairs/nature orientated fairs
  • Local libraries
  • School fétes
  • University freshers / club promotion weeks
  • In front of a pet shops
  • In a shopping centre
  • Markets

Are there any rules or restrictions?

In setting up a stall there will be key considerations such as:

Permits / permission
To collect or have an information stall in your local high street we advise that you call your local council and confirm the process with them direct to ensure you adhere to their rules and regulations at all times.

Some questions to confirm with them are:

  • Can I set up an information stall in my local high street or market area?
  • Do I need a permit for just giving out information and / or for collecting money or selling merchandise?
  • If I am collecting, do I need written confirmation from the organisation that I am collecting for?
  • What is the maximum number of times that I can have a stall or collection per month/year?
  • Can I promote any cause or are there restrictions on what I am promoting?
  • Can I display pictures and posters?
  • Are there any rules and regulations I need to be aware of?
  • How many hours a day am I allowed to have the stall?
  • Can I have friends assist me at my stall?


Where to have a stall or collect

The location you choose to set up your stall can make a real difference to the levels of interest and donations you receive so it is best to position yourself in a busy area.

If you want have a stall or collect in a private area, such as in a shopping centre or in front of a busy shop, you will need to gain special permission from the manager.

How do I set myself up?

To ensure a successful day, we suggest the following:

  • A transportable table such as a wallpaper foldable table
  • A collapsible chair for your comfort
  • A petty cash box (for change if you are selling items) – remember to do this may require permission from your local council, and to keep it safe
  • A collecting tin – remember to do this you may require permission from your local council, and to keep it safe
  • A plastic sheet – in the event of rain you can cover your stall to stop all your literature getting ruined
  • Heavy paper weights (clear ones are best) to stop leaflets flying away in the wind

What should I put on my table?

To ensure you are fully prepared with all the latest information you can display the following:

Why not mount some on cardboard and display them at the front of your table. Mounting them will ensure they don’t blow away in the wind, and it will keep them strong for future use.

Have a good selection of leaflets available on various campaigns to increase the public’s interest in our work for animals. We recommend you remove all elastic bands for easy accessibility for visitors and instead use a heavy paper weight (clear ones are best) to secure them.

We have the following campaign leaflets available:

  • Animal adoption leaflets
  • NAVS / vivisection leaflets
  • Fur leaflets
  • Circus leaflets
  • Save the primate leaflets
  • Free Tilly animals in entertainment leaflets
  • House hold and product testing leaflets
  • Humane research leaflets

Sign up forms
Have print outs of these on hand for people to sign up to our e-newsletters, or to receive more information on our campaigns and to learn about ADI

An ADI banner
This can be attached to your table or affixed to cardboard to show who you are representing. You can order one from us or, why not try making your own!

NAVS/ ADI badges (for a donation of £1 each)


Tips for talking to the public

Some simple tips to ensure you enjoy yourself and are confident speaking to the public:

  • Greet all visitors with a smile and a hello!
  • Read our reports in advance so you can answer simple questions on our campaigns, for any tricky questions or for additional information, please pass on our email address or contact number 020 7630 3340 and we can answer any queries you can’t.
  • Be polite. Remember not everyone will agree with your message, simply clarify your position, acknowledge their view but try to avoid any arguments or confrontations!
  • If you have a few people interested in the stall, remember to try and spend a little time with each and try not to spend too much time with any one individual
  • Encourage people to take part in campaigns, sending letters to newspaper editors, sign a pledge, sign a petition, contact their MPs & MEPs – the public voice does count, organise a demo, or watch our videos and visit our website. Why not tell them how they can run a stall too!
  • Obtain their details on the sign up forms and pass on to us so we can send on more information on our work to protect animals.

For more information, or to order your ADI Animal Stall Pack please contact us at 020 7630 3340 or email

Good luck, and thank you for all you do for the animals!

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