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UK General Election 2010

Posted: 20 April 2010. Updated: 22 April 2010


As the 2010 general election approaches, it is important to determine where the political parties stand on animal issues.
Though each party usually produces a manifesto, outlining the policies they intend to act on if they come to power, discerning those relating to animals is not always easy.

Animal Defenders International has sumarised and explained the policies related to animal welfare of the three ‘main parties’ - Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats – as well as those of the Green Party, and the animal-focused party Animals Count. It is hoped that this will be helpful in informing your decision when you go to the polling station on May 6th.

It is important to bear in mind that as well as voting for a political party, you are also voting to elect an individual candidate – one who will vote either ‘for’ or ‘against’ animal protection laws if legislation is put to the vote in Parliament. Though each party may have an official stance, individual views often vary from one MP to the next.

For that reason, ADI strongly recommends you also write to your prospective parliamentary candidates in your constituency and ask them about their views on animal issues, to make sure you know what impact your vote will have.

Labour Party

Labour can indeed claim credit for landmark legislation, such as the bans on fox hunting, fur farming and cosmetics testing, banning the ascites method of antibody production and the Animal Welfare Act - but their 2010 manifesto ignores national animal welfare, and focuses instead on international conservation issues such as polar bears and bluefin tuna.

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party, which has re-branded itself as ‘green’ under leader David Cameron, has unfortunately very few specific proposals to offer for the animals.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat manifesto contains precise commitments for animal welfare. Their key proposal is the creation of an Animal Protection Commission.

Green Party and Animals Count

The Greens and Animals Count are the most progressive political parties when it comes to animal protection, by a long way. The “first-past the post” UK electoral system makes it very difficult for candidates outside the three main parties to be elected.

Write to your prospective parliamentary candidate:
Find out where your prospectives stand on animal issues by writing to them.


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