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Posted: 14 June 2011. Updated: 18 July 2014

ADI’s campaigns, investigative work and rescue operations consistently attract endorsements and backing from celebrities and high profile figures.

Their invaluable support helps us to reach a wider audience and raise awareness of the vital issues affecting animals around the world.

Here are some endorsements from celebrities, whose support has helped thrust our campaigns into the public eye. ADI is very grateful for their participation.

This Month’s Featured Celebrity - Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox is known to 73 million viewers worldwide for her role as Sara Sidle in TV’s CSI – she is also a great advocate for animals, a campaigner and loyal supporter of ADI.

Jorja has been an ADI Ambassador since 2008 and was the winner of our ADI Animal Champion Award in 2012, in recognition of her work to protect animals and her support for ADI’s work. From speaking in Congress, to spearheading media campaigns, or waiting patiently to ensure ADI arrived safely on our lion rescues, Jorja has been there for ADI – and for the animals. has just published an interview where Jorja discusses her work as an ADI Ambassador. Read the article here.

Ricky Gervais

“The Office,” “Extras,” “The Ricky Gervais Show”
“Animal Defenders International’s recent footage of Anne the elephant being beaten graphically displays why the government should ban wild animals in circuses. I am appalled that wild animals are still kept in circuses and fully support the call for a ban. It is high time that Government got on and implemented one.”

(on ADI’s investigation into Bobby Roberts Super Circus)

Bob Barker

Former Emmy Award winning host of the Price is Right:
“I am pleased and proud to say that a couple of contributions of mine helped ADI in their history making accomplishments in Bolivia. I am so impressed with ADI that I am going to make another investment in their mind-boggling work, and I invite you, in fact, I urge you to ‘man-up’ and join me, too. Believe me, you’ll get your money’s worth.”

(on ADI’s record-breaking lion rescue)

Brian Blessed

Actor and ADI Ambassador:
“Flash Gordon,” “Tarzan,” “Star Wars Ep I,” “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves,” “Hamlet,” “As You Like It,” “Macbeth,” “Family Guy,” “Wizards vs Aliens,” “Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out,” “Doctors,” “Re-Evolution,” “King Lear,” “I Claudius,” “The Avengers,” “Randall & Hopkirk Deceased,” “The Troubleshooters,” “Henry VIII and his Six Wives,” “King Arthur, the Young Warlord,” “Space 1999,” “The Black Adder,” “My Family and Other Animals,” “McGyver”

“Government needs to do the honorable thing and implement a ban as soon as possible to prevent further animal suffering. We have presented them with strong evidence and it is now time for them to get on with it and ban the use of wild animals in circuses - period.“

(on ADI’s UK ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign)

Jorja Fox

Actress and ADI Ambassador:
“CSI,” “The West Wing,” “ER”

"I hope you’ll join me in supporting Operation Lion Ark. These majestic animals have been through so much and now through the compelling and daring acts of ADI, they are finally going to have a life of ease, dignity, and grace. We’d love for you to be a part of this amazing and unprecedented epic event.”

(on ADI’s record-breaking lion rescue)

Meg Matthews

Celebrity designer and ADI Ambassador:
"As an advocate of animal welfare, the footage released by ADI of poor Annie being so cruelly treated made me sick to my stomach. It’s time for this government to stop dragging its heels and finally take action to end the suffering that animals like Anne endure every day in UK circuses.”

(on ADI’s UK ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign)

Sir Paul McCartney

MBE, Musician:
The Beatles, Wings, Solo Artist
“I hate to see wild animals in circuses. It is heartbreaking to see these poor animals confined in small cages and carted around the country with little respect for their welfare and well-being. I have made my feelings known previously on this subject and I believe an outright ban is long overdue.”

(on pledging his support of ADI’s campaign for a wild animal circus ban in the UK)

Stella McCartney

World-Famous Fashion Designer:
“What’s cool and gastronomic about eating camels and llama? In this day and age, I am shocked that people still act in such a medieval way, they should be ashamed of themselves.. Lawrence of Arabia would be rolling in his grave if he knew about it.”

(on Westbourne Park-based Grand Union pub putting camel and llama on the menu)

Brian May

CBE, Musician:

“The use of wild animals in circuses is cruel, distasteful and unacceptable in the 21st century. Our present government is currently backing away from ending this abhorrent practice. We call on David Cameron personally to act now, and take a step towards making Britain worthy of its desired status as a nation of animal-lovers.”

Julie Christie

“Finding Neverland,” “Far from the Madding Crowd,” “Doctor Zhivago,” “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”

“I support the call for an end to the use of animals for the testing of household and garden products, and for non-animal replacement testing methods to be introduced with all speed. The EU has already led the way by banning animal testing of cosmetic products – let’s now take the next step.”

Benjamin Zephaniah

Writer and poet:
“For many years I have been a supporter of ADI. From their very early campaigns, right up to Operation Lion Ark, I think they do amazing work that is protecting life all over the world. As a real animal lover, I don’t think animals are for our entertainment, and I think its our duty to respect and protect them. So I’m with ADI, and I would appeal to everyone to get involved with them in any way they can. They are my kind of people. Compassionate people.”

Joanna Lumley

OBE, Actress:
"Absolutely Fabulous,” “The New Avengers,” “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” “Trail of the Pink Panther"

“I have followed with keen interest the fantastic work that ADI does for animals around the globe and was delighted when they informed me that Operation Lion Ark had been a resounding success. Please support this wonderful organisation which does so much great work in the animal protection field.”

(on ADI’s record-breaking lion rescue)
Photo © Rankin

John Nettles

OBE, Actor:
“Midsomer Murders,” “Bergerac,” “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” “The Merchant of Venice”

“I fully support and admire the work of ADI and their rescues throughout the world. Animals are not for human abuse or entertainment, and the utmost respect should be given to them. I applaud ADI’s work and suggest that like me you get behind this remarkable animal protection organisation.”

Julia McKenzie

Actress and theatre director:
“Notes on a Scandal,” “Shirley Valentine,” “Fresh Fields,” “Agatha Christie’s Marple"

"The Government needs to listen to the will of the Great British public and implement a wild animals in circuses ban without further delay. Their decision is flawed and needs rapid review. I urge the Minister to reconsider."

(on ADI’s UK ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign)

Alexei Sayle

"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Alexei Sayle’s Stuff,” “The Young Ones,” “The All New Alexei Sayle Show"

"no one with an ounce of decency could see the footage of poor Anne being tortured without being heart-broken. There are many grey areas in matters of morality - using wild animals in circuses is not one of these grey areas. It is simply and obviously wrong and indefensible. The sooner this blot on a civilised country is eradicated the better it will be for all of us - animals and humans."

(on ADI’s investigation into Bobby Roberts Super Circus)
Photo © John Falzon

Twiggy Lawson

Model, actress, singer, author and ADI supporter:
"I think it is disgraceful that the Government has not done the right thing by banning the use of wild animals in circuses and they need to reconsider their position as a matter of urgency. The public want a ban, so do politicians, so do animal welfare groups. A ban is the only way forward and they should act now to prevent further suffering.”

(on ADI’s UK ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign)
Photo © Brian Aris

Annette Crosbie

OBE, Actress:
“One Foot in the Grave,” “Dr. Finlay,” “Edward the Seventh,” “The Slipper & the Rose,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Calendar Girls”

"In a country that has enjoyed so many wonderful David Attenborough programmes for so many years, it looks perverse to continue to tolerate a Victorian idea of wholesome family entertainment that endangers and degrades helpless animals. And, if we have learned nothing else from recent events, we know to our cost that rules and regulations mean nothing if someone is prepared to ignore them, either in the City or in the Westminster village.”

(on ADI’s UK ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign)

Wendy Turner-Webster

Author and television presenter:
"You Do Too,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Robot Wars,” “Your Kids Are In Charge,” “Pet Rescue”

"I have supported ADI for a number of years with the fantastic work that they do and am delighted to lend my support to them. I was very upset to recently learn that the UK Government has decided not to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, as I felt sure that ADI’s shocking expose of Anne the elephant in March would have been more than enough to convince the Government that a ban was long overdue. My only hope is that politicians see sense and decide to implement a ban as soon as possible. The licensing system that they are proposing is ludicrous and will do nothing to address animal welfare and protection, and the abuse will continue.”

(on ADI’s UK ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign)

Steve Bloom

Award-winning photographer:
"A common technique for training animals is to break their spirits by totally subjugating them. Imprisoned animals often sway repetitively on the same small patch of ground, emitting no sound, but surely they scream from within. When we fully acknowledge the fact that animals are sentient, we blur the lines between them and us and quickly learn to respect and protect them. The sooner we ban maltreatment of animals for entertainment purposes, the better."

Mark Radcliffe

Radio personality, DJ, presenter and broadcaster:
BBC Radio 2 & BBC Radio 6 Music

“I am amazed that wild animal circuses still exist in the UK, and like the vast majority of the public and politicians I want to see a ban on their use once and for all - and I want this to happen now. Successive governments have been mulling this issue over now for far too long, and it is high time that the Coalition Government acted decisively to bring an end to this animal suffering - once and for all. They have been provided with all the evidence and information that they need and it is time to now listen to the will of the UK public."

(on ADI’s UK Stop Circus Suffering Campaign)

Lynsey de Paul

Songwriter, producer and presenter:
“The dedication of ADI in alleviating the suffering of animals is truly an inspiration. As a result of their brave efforts, Anne has now been rescued and is receiving the love and medical care she deserves whilst the owner of the circus has signed over ownership of the circus. A real success story.”

(on ADI’s investigation into Bobby Roberts Super Circus)

Liz Fraser

"I’m All Right, Jack,” “Two-Way Stretch,” The “Carry On” movies, “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased),” “Crown Court,” “The Bill,” “Foyle’s War,” “Birds of a Feather,” “Minder,” and “Holby City"

“I am fully supportive of ADI’s Lion Ark and have supported it financially.”

(on ADI’s record-breaking lion rescue)

Jonathan (Jono) Coleman

Australian Radio and TV Presenter/Writer:
"Sunrise,” “The Jono & Dano Show,” BBC London 94.9, Heart 106.2, Virgin Radio

“Animal Defenders International is a fantastic animal protection organisation and I 100% support all of the great work that they do worldwide. Join me in supporting them and let’s make the world a better place for animals.”

The Revd Professor Andrew Linzey, PhD, DD

Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics:
“I applaud the work of Animal Defenders International. There is no more important task than saving innocent creatures from abuse and cruelty.”

Carol Royle

Actress and ADI supporter:
"Life Without George,” “Heartbeat,” “Doctors”

“ This lion rescue is a remarkable achievement and ADI have done a fantastic job, rolling their sleeves up and getting in there and rescuing these animals.”

(on ADI’s record-breaking lion rescue)

Hayley Mills

“The Parent Trap,” “Pollyanna,” “That Darn Cat!,” “The Family Way,” “Wild at Heart”

“I am very proud to be a supporter of Animal Defenders international. Thank God that there are compassionate people like ADI in the world, prepared to spend their time and energy to ameliorate some of the cruelty and misery perpetrated upon animals by humankind.”

Corey Feldman

"Stand By Me,” “The Lost Boys,” “The Two Coreys"

"Any circus that travels with live animals is something to stay away’s best for now to just stay away from any circuses at all that feature live animals. They can do just as good a job going to a Cirque du Soleil, it’s widely entertaining and it keeps everybody safe."

Mariana Tosca

“The Doors”

“Animal Defenders International is ending the suffering and abuse of animals in circuses all over the world, and now they are working for legislation to do the same in the U.S. Everyone should see the Lion Ark movie.”

Mindy Sterling

“Austin Powers,” “Ant Farm”

"There is so much great work being done from this organization in Animal Defender Magazine. Thank you so much for including me.”

James Reynolds

“Days of Our Lives”

“The public would be shocked if they knew how badly animals in circuses are abused. I applaud ADI for bringing this issue to light, and for fighting to end the use of wild animals in circuses.”

Tanna Frederick

“Just 45 Minutes from Broadway”

"There’s no excuse for the way circuses abuse animals. The use of endangered and threatened species in circuses, like lions, tigers, and elephants, is especially disturbing. It’s high time for a ban, and I’m glad ADI is helping to lead this effort.”

Michelle Harris

ION TV’s “Alive & Well”
Picture © True Emotions Photography

“As an animal-lover, vegan, and advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I am proud to support ADI and their efforts to help animals throughout the world.”

Carrie Ann Inaba

Judge, “Dancing with the Stars"

“The love of an animal is the purest thing in this world. To subject an animal to unnecessary suffering is inexcusable. I applaud ADI for their work to protect animals.”

Kate Linder

“The Young and the Restless”

“I’m proud to support ADI. Their Operation Lion Ark was a tremendous accomplishment, and their commitment to working to end animal circuses in the U.S. should be supported.”

Alexandra Paul

Actress & Host:
“Baywatch,” host, Environmental TV’s “Earth Talk Today”

“I believe in an animal’s right to live free and pain free, and respect ADI’s efforts to protect the welfare and safety of animals worldwide. ADI is an amazing organization.”

Shannon Elizabeth

“American Pie” movies

“Animals mean everything to me. We have to be their voice and protectors. ADI does an outstanding job speaking for the animals, who can’t speak for themselves.”

Tonya Kay

“Bold Native,” “Glee,” “The Muppets Movie,” “STOMP,” “Garden of Eden,” “Raze,” “Criminal Minds,” “Video Game Reunion,” “Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien,” “Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant,” “Kill Corporation"

“ADI has made a real difference in the lives of animals all over the world. I strongly support what they do, and I’m proud to be associated with them.”

photo by Melissa Schwartz, graphics by Stephen Newell

Lynne Marie Stewart

Actress: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “PeeWee’s Playhouse”

"I have adopted a macaque monkey named Betty through ADI. It gives me great joy to know that she is free and happy and playing with her monkey friends, Boo and Baloo, and that I am helping to make this possible."

Daphne Wayans

VH1’s “Hollywood Exes”

"ADI’s Operation Lion Ark was a major accomplishment. Clearly this is an organization that’s making great progress for the protection of animals and animal rights.”

Kat Kramer

Singer/Actress/ Entertainer/ Producer/ Activist
"Little Fockers,” “My Duet With Mick,” “Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World"

"ADI does so much for animals, from undercover investigations to rescues and educating the public. It’s a wonderful organization.”

Kat Kramer on Facebook

Dr. Jenn Berman

VH1’s “Couples Therapy”
Picture © True Emotions Photography

“Operation Lion Ark was a huge undertaking, and ADI’s work to help Bolivia enforce their ban of wild animals in circuses was remarkable. ADI is an outstanding organization.”

Stephen Sorrentino


“Animal Defenders International is doing excellent work all over the world. I’m proud to support them and I encourage everyone to see the Lion Ark movie.”

Richie Kul

Actor, Model & Animal Advocate

"The movement to defend and protect our animal friends and end their exploitation is gaining considerable strength with each day, and organizations such as Animal Defenders International have played a pivotal role in bringing that to pass. I am proud to support their incredible efforts to empty cages and awaken hearts and minds worldwide."

Cas Anvar

“Lost,” “Diana”

Julie Brown

“Earth Girls Are Easy”
Picture © True Emotions Photography

Elisabetta Canalis

"Dancing with the Stars”
Picture © True Emotions Photography

Jessica Canseco

VH1’s “Hollywood Exes”
Picture © True Emotions Photography

Alison Eastwood

National Geographic Wild’s “Animal Intervention”
Picture © Glenn Francis,

Aaron Fresh

Picture © True Emotions Photography

Mayte Garcia

VH1’s “Hollywood Exes”
Picture © True Emotions Photography

Kerri Kasem

Co-Host “Sixx Sense” radio show with Nikki Sixx
Picture © True Emotions Photography

Stacy Poitras

Sculptor, Actor:
CMT’s “Chainsaw Gang”

Elizabeth De Razzo

HBO’s “Eastbound and Down”

Anne-Marie Johnson

Actress:Host, “The Daily Schmooze” radio show with Shari Belafonte

Nicholas Guest

Actor: “Sons of Anarchy”

Damon Whitaker

Actor: “Bird”

Celebrity Supporters at Lion Ark Night

Over 250 people attended ADI’s star- studded “Lion Ark Night” fundraiser at the home of host James Costa in the Hollywood Hills to support the Lion Ark movie, and the campaign to end animals in traveling circuses.

Celebrity guests included:

  • Bob Barker (Legendary host of The Price is Right)
  • Jorja Fox (CSI)
  • Sharna Burgess & Elisabetta Canalis (Dancing with the Stars)
  • Dr. Jenn Berman (Host Couples Therapy)
  • James Reynolds (Days of Our Lives)
  • Cas Anvar (Lost, Diana)
  • Corey Feldman (Stand By Me, The Lost Boys)
  • Tanna Frederick (Just 45 Minutes from Broadway)
  • Aaron Fresh (TeenNick)
  • Jamie Gray Hyder (True Blood)
  • Nicholas Guest (Sons of Anarchy)
  • Julie Brown (Comedienne, Earth Girls Are Easy)
  • Jessica Conseco, Mayte Garcia, Daphne Wayans (Hollywood Exes)
  • Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie)
  • Anne-Marie Johnson (Host The Daily Schmooze)
  • Michelle Harris (Host Alive & Well)
  • Kerri Kasem (Co-Host Sixx Sense)
  • Tonya Kay (Bold Native)
  • Kat Kramer (singer)
  • Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless)
  • Kim Matula (The Bold and the Beautiful)
  • Lu Parker (KTLA News)
  • Alexandra Paul (Baywatch)
  • Elizabeth De Razzo (Eastbound and Down)
  • Karen Sharpe-Kramer (Golden Globe-Winning actress/producer)
  • Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, Ant Farm)
  • Lynne Marie Stewart (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
  • Damon Whitaker (Bird)
  • Mariana Tosca (The Doors)

Mindy Sterling & Julie BrownBob Barker & Mariana ToscaTim Phillips & Corey Feldman
Mindy Sterling &
Julie Brown
Bob Barker &
Mariana Tosca
Tim Phillips &
Corey Feldman
Alexandra Paul, Michelle Harris & Kerri KasemLisa & James ReynoldsShannon Elizabeth
Alexandra Paul, Michelle
Harris & Kerri Kasem
Lisa & James
Shannon Elizabeth

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