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Animals in circuses

Posted: 19 January 2012. Updated: 29 August 2018


ADI’s undercover investigations in circuses all over the world have shown that life for animals in circuses is one of deprivation and suffering. They spend excessive periods of time in transporters (even when the journey is short). Daily life for circus animals is one of confinement in tiny, barren cages or spaces, chained or tethered, all movement restricted with no opportunity to perform natural behaviours. Where exercise space is provided, time in that space is limited as all animals must share the space, but cannot necessarily go in together. We have found a culture of violence towards the animals in order to make them obey commands, whether it is a kick, a punch, a hit with a stick or a beating. Training is by punishment and threats, not reward, and can include slaps, screaming, beatings and withholding of food. Animals suffer in circuses because they are being forced to do something they simply do not wish to do.

It doesn’t have to be like this! With your help we can make circus suffering history.

Please speak out against animal circuses in your area!

  • Distribute our campaign leaflets – order now!
  • Hold an information stall to raise awareness of this issue amongst the public
  • Organise or attend a protest outside the circus – ADI can help put you in touch with other supporters in your area and provide you with all the materials you need, including eye-catching posters & banners – we can also get in touch with your local media on your behalf
  • Write to, or visit, your local political representative and ask them to support legislation to end the use of animals in circuses
  • Contact your local radio station or paper when an animal circus comes to town and tell them why people should boycott the show
  • Join us on facebook and twitter to keep informed of circus protests and other actions
  • Get in touch – if you need help or advice, please contact our campaigns team

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