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Top tips for letter writing

Posted: 9 January 2013. Updated: 9 January 2013


A great way to get involved with our campaigns and take action for animals is by becoming a letter writer.

Here are our top tips to follow:

  • Time is of the essence - waste no time in getting your voice heard; speak out now.
  • Dont be disappointed if you dont receive a reply keep writing to ensure that your concerns are heard.
  • Get to the point - make sure you get straight to the issues that you care about. Make your letters short, succinct and polite.
  • Stay informed - subscribe to our email updates and get the latest news on how you can get involved with our campaigns.
  • If your letters are printed, or if you receive any replies, please let us know - wed love to hear from you! Get in touch

With your help we can win change for animals!

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