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Posted: 17 August 2018. Updated: 29 August 2018


Thank you for visiting our Humane Education page. Animal Defenders International (ADI) is dedicated to ongoing work to cultivate compassion for animals in the next generation!

ADI’s classroom programs for elementary and middle school students nourish young minds and hearts, our innovative curriculum designed to promote critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the harm caused when animals are taken from their wild families or bred for use in entertainment, laboratories and the wildlife trade. Our programs include ways for students to take action for change, as well as opportunities to remotely participate in providing care for ADI’s rescued animals around the world!

We offer Power Point presentations, classroom project and curriculum design, and we have digital workbooks for students age 5-11 and 12-14 years old.


We also have a special, 56 minute version of our award winning film Lion Ark, which tells the story of how Bolivia banned the use of animal circuses and, when the circuses defied the law, ADI tracked them down, raiding one after the other until every animal was saved. You are transported to the heart of the action, up close and personal with the animals, and find yourself cheering on the lions! See the trailer here.

In addition, we offer educational materials including:

  • ADI Video Playlist (free on YouTube)
  • Poster titled ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ with image of chained elephant (18” x 12”) (free, shipped within the US from LA)
  • Poster titled ‘No Fun for Elephants’ with image of an elephant being ridden (24” x 36") (free, shipped within the US from LA)
  • Stop Circus Suffering leaflets (English/Spanish) (free, shipped within the US from LA)
  • ADI awareness wristbands which read ‘I am an Animal Defender’ ($2 per unit, shipped within the US from LA depending on stock)


Please email us at if you have any questions about how ADI can help integrate humane ed in your classroom, or if you wish to make arrangements to receive materials, thank you!

Examples of student projects (as pictured)

Photo 1: 6th & 1st Grade Collaborative art project making lion masks—featuring Ricardo, a one-eyed lion rescued from a circus.

Photo 2: 8th Grade Creative writing project regarding the global wildlife trade.

Photo 3: 6th Grade Circus Suffering Project—three students spent 4 hours in a homemade cage to educate fellow students, faculty, and parents about the suffering of animals in circuses, raise funds for ADI, and promote local legislation to ban traveling wild animal acts.

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