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Speak up for animals in the future of Europe

Posted: 12 April 2019. Updated: 14 May 2019

Update: EU leaders received a clear message that animals matter to EU citizens, with animal welfare rated one of the top three issues in Belgium and France when asked what would make them prouder to be European. 13% of respondents overall cited animal welfare which may not sound a lot but is significant, being more highly rated than issues such as fighting corruption and digital privacy. A huge thank you to supporters who took part.

The European Commission is holding a consultation on the “Future of Europe” which will help steer EU leaders’ priorities for the years ahead. The issues highlighted, along with the challenges they present and potential solutions, will be discussed at a dedicated leaders’ summit on 9 May 2019.

This is a unique opportunity to put forward the protection of animals as an important issue so please give the animals a voice!

The following is a guide of the open questions where animal welfare can be raised, and suggested topics we feel are a priority. Please respond to these in your own words.

Take part in the consultation here

Submission guidance

While we would usually provide detailed guidance for supporters to submit, in this instance the European Commission want to hear your personal opinions on subjects which are important to you. ‘Copy and paste’ answers will only count as one response, no matter how many there are.

Q1. What decisions taken at European Union level would make you prouder of belonging to the Union?

Here you could outline how the European Union should more readily prioritise issues affecting animals. There are a number of pressing and important decisions which you could suggest would make any citizen concerned about animal welfare prouder to be a member of the union, such as:

  • Ending the use of animals in circuses and other forms of “entertainment”
  • Implementing human relevant replacements for the use of animals in research
  • Taking steps to ban the trade in wildlife, both live animals and their body parts
  • Ending live export of animals, particularly farmed animals
  • Measures to end the most shocking farmed animal practices such as mutilation and foie gras and act to encourage the shift to a plant based diet
  • Addressing the impact of animal agriculture on the planet, the animals and human health

Q4. From the following list, what should be prioritised in Europe to protect the environment?

By selecting “other” here you could raise the importance of animal agriculture as an urgent issue to be addressed by the EU. The United Nations has acknowledged that animal farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, lorries and planes in the world put together. A “Planetary Health Diet” was also devised by an international consortium of scientists and could prevent the premature death of 11 million adults each year. It recommends “more plant-based foods and fewer animal source foods”. Find out more here.

Q9. In which of the following areas do you think technology will have the biggest impact in Europe?

This gives you the opportunity to highlight the potential for advanced non-animal methods to replace the use of animals in research. More information on this issue can be found here.

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