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Memorandum Funeral Collections

27 April 2009

It is always with great sadness that we learn that the animals have lost a precious friend. Over the years we have seen an increasing number of people who have asked that donations be made to our organisation...

How to leave money to Animal Defenders International

27 April 2009

Beneficiaries are the people or organisations to whom you leave parts of your estate. Bequests (legacies/gifts) are what you leave to them. The main types of bequests you can leave in your Will are these: (a)...

How to write a Will

27 April 2009

Once you have decided to write your Will it can be more gratifying than you would imagine. It is an opportunity to show your appreciation for those you love, and help the causes most dear to you. Here...

The benefits of making a will

27 April 2009

To provide for your family. Secure the future; if you have children, guardians can be appointed in the Will. Provide for any pets who may survive you. Make sure that your wishes are carried out; this...

"Why should I make a will?” Common questions and assumptions

27 April 2009

If you die without making a Will, you will be ‘intestate’, and in the UK this means that if you have no close relatives, your money and property could all go to the state (the Crown). Even if you do...

Writing us into your will

27 April 2009

It is of utmost importance that those intending to benefit the Organisation should state our full name and address. Failure to use the correct title may lead to costly litigation and the loss of all or...

Leaving a legacy for animals

2 June 2005

Making a Will is the single most important thing we can do to look after those we care about, and the cause most dear to us. The vital campaigns of Animal Defenders International are bringing us closer...

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