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Animal Defenders International

Quick & Easy Ways to Help ADI

Posted: 2 June 2005. Updated: 16 January 2014


There are plenty of easy ways you can help ADI - from taking part in special deals with ADI partners to simply watching your consumer choices.
We’ve picked out some suggestions, but if you’d like to kept updated of new ways to help ADI subscribe to our ADI Monthly E-Newsletter. We’ll also keep you updated with the latest news from our Campaigns and Rescue teams.

1. Join Animal Defenders International

This is the first step to helping ADI’s work to protect animals across the globe. You’ll be updated on all our campaigns, and enabled to participate if you wish.

2. Make animal-friendly consumer choices

This is easy: just look for products which are clearly labelled that they have not been tested on animals. This includes household products, cosmetics, toiletries and medicines.

3. Check Your Charities

Make sure your money isn’t funding animal testing: the NAVS Good Charities Guide lists charities according to whether they fund animal experimentation.

4. Become an online volunteer!

You can help ADI in many ways, even from your own home. Online volunteers can help us sign petitions, share our news and updates and help us spread the word.

5. Become an online fundraiser

If you’re an online shopper, you could really help us raise much needed funds by registering with and shopping through EasyFundraising. It’s free to register, and won’t cost a penny more than the price of the item that you are buying.

You could also:

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